15 janeiro 2010

This Blog is Mutating


When I decided to create this blog I was bit too ambitious.

The fact is that I had little to no experience in creating Blogs, and no sense of how much time is needed to keep it interesting.

Unfortunately time is a scarse resource. Furthermore I was never very good in writing down my thoughts so I should have known better. I can't remember how many diaries I left filled with blank pages.

So I'm changing the style.

First my posts will be quite short with the understanding that I will be a compromise between valuable content  and sintetizes.

Second it will no longer be only about software development but also my own tastes in tech and culture.

Third, the posts will be by default written in my native language, Portuguese. There will be posts in English for sure but only when I feel that the concept is so new and interesting that deserves global exposure.

Thank you all for the support, check back soon.

Stay cool,
Nuno Lopes

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